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Panama Canal Cruises
Panama Canal Cruises

Star Clippers' Insurance

Star Clippers' specialized Cruise Protection Plan through Travel Guard(r) / Insure America protects you and your investment before and during your trip. Travel Guard(r) is optional, must be paid at the time of deposit and is non-refundable. Rates are per person.

Trip Cost.................Premium
$ 0 - $ 1,500................$ 95
$ 1,501 - $ 2,000............$130
$ 2,001 - $ 2,500............$170
$ 2,501 - $ 3,000............$205
$ 3,001 - $ 3,500............$240
$ 3,501 - $ 4,000............$280
$ 4,001 - $ 4,500............$320
$ 4,501 - $ 5,000............$355
$ 5,001 - $ 5,500............$390
$ 5,501 - $ 6,000............$430
$ 6,001 - $ 6,500............$470
$ 6,501 - $ 7,000............$505

For trips over $7,000 per person, please call your Vacations To Go travel counselor.

  • Trip Cost, Trip Cancellation & Interruption: Pays for financial losses you incur if you must cancel your trip or interrupt your travel because of an illness, injury or death of you, a family member, traveling companion or any other named peril; except carrier-caused delays or cancellations, change of plans, financial circumstances, business or contractual obligations or government regulations.
  • $300 Travel Delay: Will pay up to the maximum limit of coverage ($100 maximum per day) if the insured's trip is delayed for more than 12 hours, additional accommodation and traveling expenses until travel becomes possible. This benefit is payable for only one delay for all insureds.
  • $500 Baggage & Travel Documents: Pays for items lost, stolen or broken on your trip. Includes borrowed or rented property.
  • $5,000 Medical Expense: Pays accident, sickness and emergency dental with no daily limits or deductible.
  • $20,000 Emergency Assistance: Pays evacuation and transportation expenses as directed by a doctor to the nearest adequate medical facility.
Travel Guard(r) Assistance -- 24-hour emergency medical assistance and evacuation, all just a phone call away. Call 1-888-826-1300. You will receive a Certificate of Insurance with your final documents, describing coverage and exclusions in detail; please read it carefully. Star Clippers reserves the right to change insurance coverage and premiums without notice.


We will not pay for loss or expense incurred as the result of injury or sickness of an insured or family member which manifests itself during the 60 days immediately preceding and including the effective date, unless the condition is controlled through the taking of prescription drugs or medication and remains controlled through the 60-day period. A sickness has manifested itself when: (a) medical care or treatment has been given or (b) there exist symptoms which would cause a reasonable, prudent person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment.


The transportation of passengers and baggage is governed by the terms and conditions of the Contract of Passage contained in the cruise ticket. The passenger's acceptance of the ticket contract and acceptance of passage on the vessel constitute acceptance of the terms, conditions and information contained in this document and the cruise ticket. It is recommended that you read the terms carefully.

Star Clippers reserves the right at its sole option and discretion and that of the Captain of the ship without liability for damages or refund of any kind to deviate from the ship's advertised or ordinary itinerary or route, to delay, advance or cancel any sailing, to omit or change ports of call and may, but is not obliged to, arrange for substantially equivalent transportation by another vessel and/or by other means of transportation, to cause the passenger to disembark from the ship temporarily or permanently, to tow or to be towed or assist other vessels, or to perform any similar act which, in its sole judgment and discretion, is justified for any reason.

Star Clippers may for any reason whatsoever cancel any sailing at any time before departure of the ship including the event of a full-ship charter. In such events, Star Clippers' only liability will be to refund to the passenger the amount it has received for the cruise ticket.


Star Clippers' liability and responsibility does not extend beyond the vessel; any arrangements made by or for passengers either before boarding or when disembarking are at the passenger's own risk. Star Clippers does not own or control any airlines, ground transportation or hotels. As a convenience to our passengers, Star Clippers may sell tickets for shore excursions or arrange other services that are operated by independent contractors, but Star Clippers shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any damage, loss, injury or death arising in conjunction with the services provided by these independent contractors.

This is not a complete description of all benefits and limitations. For full terms and conditions of coverage, ask your Vacations To Go cruise counselor. Prices, terms, and conditions listed in this summary are subject to change without notice, and need to be reconfirmed with your Vacations To Go cruise counselor at the time of booking.

If you book a Star Clippers cruise, you can purchase insurance from Star Clippers or from the independent insurance provider, CSA. Click here to see details of the CSA Travel Protection Plan.